søndag 6. november 2011

Entry 009: Contacting a Lego certified professional

I have now sent an e-mail to the LEGO certified professional: Matija Puzar. The message is as follows:

"Hello, my name is Sander Hjallen. I am currently working on a project under the International baccalaureate called "personal project". This is a project all students has to do in their final year, and consists of making a product and then write a 4000 word essay on it. My product is going to be a human sized LEGO sculpture. In the essay, I have to include some kind of interview, which is why I am asking you. If you would answer the questions down below, and then send it back to me, it would be much appreciated. Also, my mother tongue is norwegian, but I would prefer if you answered the questions in english, since I have to write the essay in english. Thank you.

What is most important factor when designing a model?

How did your LEGO building hobby become a profession?

What is your favorite LEGO project?

What kind of education would a person need to become a LEGO certified professional?

What did you do before you became a LEGO certified professional?

Do you always feel like creating?

How does a LEGO certified professional work together with the LEGO group?

How much time does a regular project take to make?

Where do you buy the bricks you use to make your models?

Do you usually work alone?

For more information about my project, visit my blog at: http://sanderpersonalproject.blogspot.com/

Sincerely, Sander. H. Hjallen."

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