søndag 20. november 2011

Entry 012: Finished from foot to knee.

I have now finished the model up to the knee. Tomorrow I will hopefully make the knee cap connecting the upper part of the leg to the downer part.

Entry 011: Problems with funding.

After further building the product, I have realized there is no possible way for me to buy the model after  designing it. I estimate that the finished model will cost several thousands of NOK, in which I cannot afford. I think I will only buy one of the body parts for the exhibition, to show the actual size. The rest of the model will have to be shown on a poster or something resembling. I am thinking of buying the head to show. Maybe I will make the head as a helmet, so I can wear it during the exhibition.

onsdag 16. november 2011

Entry 010: Current status

The feet of model are now complete. I have had problems finding certain parts when continuing from the feet. I will have to consider alternatives. I have found out that I am able to import models into other models, which makes me able to work on each part of the body separately, and then import everything into one model. This will make it much easier to work on the model. The current prize of the model is 627 NOK.

søndag 6. november 2011

Entry 009: Contacting a Lego certified professional

I have now sent an e-mail to the LEGO certified professional: Matija Puzar. The message is as follows:

"Hello, my name is Sander Hjallen. I am currently working on a project under the International baccalaureate called "personal project". This is a project all students has to do in their final year, and consists of making a product and then write a 4000 word essay on it. My product is going to be a human sized LEGO sculpture. In the essay, I have to include some kind of interview, which is why I am asking you. If you would answer the questions down below, and then send it back to me, it would be much appreciated. Also, my mother tongue is norwegian, but I would prefer if you answered the questions in english, since I have to write the essay in english. Thank you.

What is most important factor when designing a model?

How did your LEGO building hobby become a profession?

What is your favorite LEGO project?

What kind of education would a person need to become a LEGO certified professional?

What did you do before you became a LEGO certified professional?

Do you always feel like creating?

How does a LEGO certified professional work together with the LEGO group?

How much time does a regular project take to make?

Where do you buy the bricks you use to make your models?

Do you usually work alone?

For more information about my project, visit my blog at: http://sanderpersonalproject.blogspot.com/

Sincerely, Sander. H. Hjallen."

Entry 008: Change of plans

I have thought about this for a while, and I have decided to not try to copy the design of the Starkiller design. I will base my design on Starkiller, but I will mainly use my own creativity to make this project as enjoyable as possible. This will also test my skills as a Lego designer and will really reflect what I am trying to achieve with this project.

Entry 007. Response

I have now gotten a reply to the e-mail I sent to the Lego customer service. The reply is as follows:

"Takk for at du kontaktet LEGO® Direct, det er alltid hyggelig å høre fra en ekte LEGO fan.

Prosjektet ditt høres veldig spennende ut og jeg håper det går sånn du ser det for deg. Det er alltid mye moro å finne på med LEGO, og dette høres ut som det kan bli ordentlig gøy.

Jeg har lagt ved kontakt detaljer for Matija Puzar. Han bor i Norge og er en av våre "LEGO Certified Professionals". Dette er helt klart mannen som kan hjelpe deg med dette prosjektet.

Along with this nice response, they also sent me the e-mail address of one of their "Lego Certified professionals", Matija Puzar. I have done some research regarding this profession. A Lego certified professional is a community-based profession made out of people who have turned their hobby of building and designing Lego models, into a full or part-time profession. They are not directly Lego employees, but are recognized as business partners by the LEGO group. I will now work on the questions I am going to send to Matija Puzar.

onsdag 2. november 2011

Entry 006: Trying to contact a Lego designer

Today I tried to contact Lego customer service to maybe get some help in contacting a Lego designer. This is what I wrote:

"I was wondering if you could redirect me to some of your creative designers. I am currently working on a school project under the International Baccalaureate. It is called a personal project in which we chose a product to produce and then write a 4000 word  writeup on it. In this assignment I am going to produce an up to scale human sculpture using Lego Digital Designer. In the writeup, I will need to include a some sort of interview. I was thinking of sending some questions via e-mail to a professional  Lego designer, which is why I need your help. If you could send me their name and e-mail address I would be very grateful. Thanks."

Entry 005: Making the outline

1 stud brick= 0.96cm =1

Foot length = 24 cm

Foot width = 10 cm

Foot height = 2 cm

From foot to knee= 45 cm

I have now successfully created the outline from my feet to my knees. The price of the current model is 463 NOK.