lørdag 1. oktober 2011

Entry 003: Lego digital designer

The program I will use to design the sculpture, is Lego Digital Designer. The programs function is building with lego bricks on your computer. It is absolutely free, and can be downloaded for both a MAC and a PC. By using this program you will be able to build with all the main lego bricks and then, if you wish, buy the model you have built. This program is essential for designing my product, seeing that I won't have enough bricks in real life do build the sculpture myself. After I have designed the product in Lego Digital Designer, I will calculate the price and then consider if i will be able to buy the model. If not, There are many ways in which I can present my sculpture otherwise.

Link to download: http://ldd.lego.com/download/default.aspx
Link to Lego's website: http://www.lego.com/en-gb/default.aspx

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